Friday, July 28, 2017

Atomic Blonde - Review

The sudden shift in career trajectory for Charlize Theron has not gone unnoticed. Slowly making a new name for herself as an on-screen action powerhouse, Theron gets to lead an action film once again (let’s just forget ├ćon Flux deal?). Pair her with an unbelievably skilled stunt coordinator turned director in David Leitch and the formula is already set in motion.

The story is nothing truly remarkable by any means, the plot points play out just as you’d expect a cold war spy thriller to work. Some of the twists and turns do work, to a degree, but the overall framework of the plot just can’t quite get to the same level as the action in this film.

And man is the action just the best. Kinetic yet easy to follow, Leitch gets to show off how well he can shoot a well-choreographed action scene. There is one sequence in particular that’s jaw dropping to behold as it continues in a single shot for a solid eight minutes or so.

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