Monday, February 22, 2016

Oscar Predictions - Part One

   It’s finally that time of the year and oh what a great time it is. As the Oscars draw closer and closer, the big night being February 28th, the time has come to submit those final predictions. Over the next week, I Am Sam will feature a daily breakdown of particular categories, culminating in the big five awards on Friday. So without further ado, here is Part One:

Best Visual Effects

Favorite: Mad Max: Fury Road
   It’s not really shocking that the adrenaline filled roller coaster is the favorite to take home the trophy. The film’s combination of practical and digital effects is seamless and it is really the core of what makes Mad Max: Fury Road the spectacle it is.

Who I Want to See Win: Ex Machina
   The much smaller budget sci-fi thriller does some amazing things with the main character of Ava. While it’s not nearly on the level of films like Star Wars or Mad Max, some acknowledgment to one of the better films of the year here would be great.

My Pick: Star Wars: The Force Awakens
   This is a no brainer in my opinion but the Academy will certainly have a tough decision between this and Mad Max: Fury Road. For me, what puts The Force Awakens above the rest, besides being Star Wars, is the sheer magic it seems to recapture despite the thirty-year gap. Plus it’s Star Wars. I mean c’mon.

Best Film Editing

Favorite: Mad Max: Fury Road
   Another technical category, another perceived victory for Mad Max: Fury Road.

Who I Want to See Win: Star Wars: The Force Awakens
   I have to admit I want Star Wars to win everything it is nominated for come February 28th. And that’s it. That’s the reason I want Star Wars to win. Is that bad?

Prediction: The Big Short
   No other film sees such a contribution and energy boost from it’s editing that The Big Short receives. The exhilarating pace of it all, done by Hank Corwin, makes everything just that much better.

Best Costume Design

Favorite: Cinderella
   Designed by Sandy Powell, who has been nominated ten times in the past (winning three), Cinderella features gorgeous colors and attire that make callbacks to the animated classic while maintaining its individuality at the same time.  

Who I Want to See Win: Carol
   Designed by Sandy Powell, who has been nominated ten times in the past (winning three), Carol features gorgeous and appropriate attire. No you didn’t misread that; Sandy Powell is nominated twice this year for two separate films. In this case, some recognition for the film as whole would be a welcome surprise.

Prediction: Cinderella
   First off, regardless of the title of the film, I believe Sandy Powell will be walking away with her fourth Oscar. However on this night, presuming she doesn’t split votes with herself, the elegant retelling of a classic will likely be called here, as Cinderella brings it home.

Best Makeup and Hairstyling

Favorite: Mad Max: Fury Road
   In ultimately a two-film race, Mad Max takes on The Revenant. It’s clear that Mad Max had, not only more makeup work, but achieved much more with the work that was done.

Who I Want to See Win: Mad Max: Fury Road
   Again this is a no brainer. Mad Max was one of my favorite films of the year and largely achieves this through its stunning visuals, including makeup.

Prediction: Mad Max: Fury Road
   This isn’t even a contest in my opinion. The Revenant did a great deal of things right but just doesn’t have enough here to beat Mad Max: Fury Road.

Best Production Design

Favorite: Mad Max: Fury Road
   In a category where a bulk of the nominees are history based, the post-apocalyptic world rises above the rest. The majority of the film taking place largely among one long car chase is still miles above what any period piece could provide.

What I Want to See Win: Mad Max: Fury Road
    Please see above.

Prediction: Mad Max: Fury Road
   Please see above. Then see above that.

 Oscar Count through Part One:

Mad Max: Fury Road – 2 (Best Production Design, Best Makeup and Hairstyling)
Cinderella – 1 (Best Costume Design)
Star Wars: The Force Awakens – 1 (Best Visual Effects)
The Big Short – 1 (Best Film Editing)

So what are your predictions? Subscribe, Share, Comment below, be sure to look out for Part Two on Tuesday, and as always return to I Am Sam for weekly reviews and insight.

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