Friday, October 16, 2015

Crimson Peak - Review

   These days, horror films have been reduced to smaller budgets and jump scares. With Crimson Peak, Guillermo del Toro brings a higher budget and a deeper meaning to the horror genre. The execution isn’t always there in the gothic horror style of film, but the stunning visuals will certainly help distract from the lack of true scares.
   After marrying the charming and seductive Sir Thomas Sharpe (Tom Hiddleston), young Edith (Mia Wasikowska) finds herself swept away to his remote gothic mansion in England. Also living there is Lady Lucille (Jessica Chastain), Thomas' alluring sister and protector of the family's dark secrets. Able to communicate with the dead, Edith tries to decipher the mystery behind the ghostly visions that haunt her new home.
    Much like the book Edith is writing, a ghost story that isn’t really a ghost story, Crimson Peak follows essentially the same formula. When it comes down to it, Crimson Peak is a romantic film featuring the ghosts and creepy atmosphere that a horror film would have. These aspects are here even though the story does truly lack scares but makes up for it with an interesting mystery surrounding the true motives of the Sharpe siblings.
   The actors in the film are top notch. Everyone already knows how wonderful Jessica Chastain can be and her quiet intensity is put to good use here. Tom Hiddleston breaks away from his Loki role to provide a subtle and charming performance as the mysterious Thomas Sharpe. And rounding it all out is Mia Wasikowska. She is tasked with being the audience’s eyes into all of the intrigue surrounding the mansion known as Crimson Peak and her ability to portray innocence and desire to find answers prove to be the perfect fit.
   Guillermo del Toro, often known for his stunning visuals, delivers a spectacle again. Say what you will about his overall filmography but one thing is certain, del Toro is sure to deliver a spectacle every time. The story isn’t always the best or most original but he still creates an aura around the house and the things that inhabit it, just enough to capture the audience for the film’s runtime.

   Overall Crimson Peak is an elegant horror-romance and truly a masterpiece visually. The core three actors all nail their roles pretty well and help the film delve deeper into its freaky and slightly menacing vibes. The story isn’t quite up to par with the visuals but the sheer change of pace in horror, from shaky cam found footage to beautiful gothic horror-romance, is sure to be a breath of fresh air to any audience member. (7.5/10)

So what did you think of Crimson Peak? Have you seen it, what did you think, and what's your favorite del Toro film? Comment below and let me know, and as always return to I Am Sam for weekly reviews. 

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