About Me

My name, if you haven't guessed by now, is Sam. And if you also haven't figured it out, I kind of enjoy movies, films, motion pictures, or whatever you want to call the wonderful pieces of cinema that I review. Currently residing in Columbus, OH and spending way too much time in the movie theater most of the time. 

Movies are something that I thoroughly enjoy and always have, and if I get the chance to discuss them at any point it's absolutely fantastic, for me at least. So I thought what better way to create a discussion all the time than by putting my views forever in modern stone on the Internet and thus this site was born.

And because film is so subjective, I am also an advocate for being able to determine the difference between enjoyment of a film and the quality of a film. For example, I absolutely love The Room but I think everyone can agree that it is truly one of the WORST films ever made. An ideal situation where one's enjoyment of a film does not correlate directly with the quality. It's a thought process that appears lost at times when debating movies amongst any group of people with different tastes and ideas.

This site began as a simple place for me to get my thoughts about new films out in the open, but I always set out to let the site evolve. And so in the coming months, I will be attempting to publish more content, including Flashback Reviews, Movie Countdowns, and Seasonal Previews.

I am always open to requests for reviews or constructive criticism (notice the word constructive.)

Enjoy the site and enjoy the movies.

- Sam