Monday, February 12, 2018

Box Office Report - Weekend of February 9th

As the release of Black Panther and the incredible box office boom its sure to bring loom on the horizon, the new releases this week look to snag any and every dime they can before they’re unceremoniously slaughtered. The numbers overall are definitely up from last week with three new films in cinemas (however bad they may be) and it’s only a sign of things to come as the releases only get bigger from here.

Falling only one spot for a consecutive week is The Greatest Showman. The musical still brings in a solid chunk of money with a total of $6.4 Million in week number eight, but it’s likely the last week in Top 5. It’s ability to continue to get new viewers and returning guests may continue, though it will likely dwindle from here on out.

At the lowest position since its release back in December, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle finally sees a drop off that likely signals the end of its impressive run. The film has already become Sony’ third highest domestic earner ever with a chance to overtake the number two spot before it’s all said and done. What started as a puzzling sequel has just become another viable franchise for a studio in Sony that’s desperate for them.

The lowest of the new releases is The 15:17 to Paris, and it’s hardly a surprise. Though domestic audiences usually flock to tales of American heroes, the marketing for the Clint Eastwood endeavor never looked promising and the reviews only back that up. The experiment of casting the real people as themselves certainly didn’t pan out and the result was a rather dull experience. The $12.6 Million from this weekend will likely see a steep drop next weekend because of it.

The most well-received film of the new releases this week, though that’s hardly saying much, is the ill-advised modern adaptation of Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit. The James Corden starring family flick may be receiving decent, middle of the road, reviews, it stands to reason that the box office results are not what Sony was hoping for. A lower $25 Million for a family film when the other major releases are definitely adult centric has to be somewhat of a disappointment.

Unfortunately, coming in at number one is Fifty Shades Freed. The abomination of a film pushes the franchise over the billion dollar mark as a whole, an embarrassment that every human should feel in their bones. Pulling in $38.8 million puts the threequel on the upper end of expectations, though a steep drop-off in week two should be expected.

Here are the weekend estimates for February 9th – 11th: