Monday, February 5, 2018

Box Office Report - Weekend of February 2nd

In a weekend that was never going to be a huge win for any film (due a certain Super Bowl being on Sunday), a few films managed some minor victories. My predictions were almost spot-on as far as placement is concerned but the monetary totals just came in under the wire. In what is likely the last weekend for a while with only one new film, expect the box office to pick back up moving forward.

Holding onto its spot in the Top 5 in its second week of expansion is Hostiles. I wasn’t quite sure that the over two-hour western would garner enough attention from the general audiences to secure a spot in the Top 5 two weeks in a row, but here we are. With the new films coming around the bend however, Hostiles better not get too comfortable.

Coming in at the fourth spot this week was The Greatest Showman in its seventh week. The somewhat divisive film amongst critics and general audiences continues to hold steady and build that domestic total up. Despite the likelihood of its run at the top ending this weekend, an extended stay this long is still quite an accomplishment for the circus musical.

The sole new release of the weekend comes in at number three, Winchester, with a decent haul considering the budget. Though with scathing reviews, including one from yours truly, its box office life may be limited, if not already dead, after this opening weekend.

The mixed reviews of Maze Runner: The Death Cure did it no favors and the seemingly long, painful death of the YA-novel craze continues in a week where the threequel dropped over 50% from week one to two. It may have a slim chance of making back its $62 million budget, but these numbers don’t look promising.

And as expected (and predicted), Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle regains the top spot in its seventh week of release. The sequel has slowly earned enough to become Sony’s highest grossing film stateside that isn’t a Spider-Man film which is quite astounding when you think about the expectations for the film going in. The film likely loses the top spot this weekend and probably won’t get it back, but the run its had is truly remarkable.

Here are the weekend estimates for February 2nd – 4th: